One of my favorite things to do, when I can find the time, is catch up on episodes of “ABC’s Shark Tank.” If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s a reality show that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their ideas to the “sharks” in the tank—entrepreneurs who have been successful in building lucrative empires across a myriad of industries.

One of the most overlooked aspects of entrepreneurship is payment. Specifically, the processing and receiving of said payments. Part of the Catch 22 of running a small business is working with mid-size to large clients whose payment processing apparatus are not small business-friendly. Initial payments are usually small/non-existent, it can take 30-90 days to receive payment and if there are issues they are a bear to fix.

Client/Manager relations can be difficult to navigate. It’s in part why being a good management consultant requires more than just industry knowledge, but people knowledge as well. It’s also why many of the best management/consultant firms have liaisons/departments specifically charged with attracting, retaining and managing clients. Even in the best of times, client relations can be tough to manage because no matter how much money is being made and how great advice is being disseminated, we are still human beings and we inevitably complicate things with our human nature.

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